Reza Zeyghami Profile


Reza is a civil engineer and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Carleton University of Ottawa. Since 2013 Reza has been working in the real estate industry in BC. With his civil engineering background and sound experience working in the construction industry before moving to Canada, he decided to continue pursuing this path after he arrived here and has earned himself recognition as a reputable builder. Reza has a very conservative yet caring personality; he always puts his clients’ interests and needs first. Not only so, his education and experiences equip him with a competitive edge to be able to collect and analyze market information effectively, while predicting future trends in the real estate market by using fundamental and technical approaches. Above all, Reza’s articulate negotiation skills is a key factor in allowing him to help his clients achieve the most desirable results in every deal. His sociable and approachable demeanor is the reason why he has a vast network of buyers and sellers, and without a doubt will be your top choice in representing you in your next real estate transaction.
Tel: 778.200.0000
Language: English, Farsi