Buying Real Estate

Buying a house can be a time consuming and expensive process in today’s market. With so many options to choose, finding the most suitable one to match your needs and budget is our highest priority.
Interior Home

Finding your needs

We will have a detail talk with you so we can better understand the reasons for your purchase and what criteria matters most to you. Are you buying to stop paying rent? To get into a better school district? To make an investment? So start your future family?

We will use our knowledge about different neighborhoods to help you find what you need.

Your criteria

Lets us know what you want in your future home and we will assist you in finding it.
Are you looking for a easy to maintain condo? Or is it a backyard garden that interest you? Do you like living in a house? Or a townhouse in downtown is more convenient?

Whatever your needs our team will find the home to match it.

Get your financing on track

Now it’s time to get your mortgage pre approval. By having a pre approval in place before making an offer you will be more confident in your search. You Can do this by visiting you bank branch or even applying online.

Looking for more options? We can refer you to some of best mortgage brokers in town and get you started.

Your home

Now that we know what you need and your financing is on track, it’s time to find your future home. We will use the MLS and our local contacts to help find your match.

We will guide you through the process of making an offer, removing subjects and completion and help you with arranging inspections and closing the deal.